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About Green Camel Bell

Green Camel Bell was established on November 4, 2004 as the first civic environmental organization in the Gansu region in China.  It is devoted to environmental protection in western China, and it contributes to the improvement of the compromised and declining ecosystems of western China.

About Waterkeeper Alliance

There are presently nearly 200 Waterkeeper Organizations on six continents defending their communities against anyone who threatens their right to clean water from law-breaking polluters to unresponsive government agencies. Without Waterkeepers on patrol, these enemies of the public good pose a clear danger to one of the most precious resources of every community clean water.

Topic of Yellow River

Integrated Water Resources Management in the Yellow River Basin

Firstly, maintain the harmony between human and the Yellow River, ensure the accordance of domestic, productive and ecological water use. Secondly, enhance water saving and protection. Manage, allocate and utilize the water resources integratedly. Thirdly, perfect the engineering system of water regulation, and improve the technical level of water management and allocation.

Keep Healthy Life of Rivers—A Case Study of the Yellow River

Regarding Yellow River management and development, a river management strategy on keeping healthy life of the Yellow River in the new era has been established, and the connotation, objectives and strategies of the completely new concept is demonstrated from different perspective of theoretical system, engineering system and ethical system. It is to build a harmonious relationship between human being and rivers, and finally refresh and maintain healthy life of the Yellow River, by administrative, legal, technological, engineering and economic measures and through the implementation of 1493 project.

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