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片木 2011-01-07 00:21

国外团队总结之八:阿拉斯加大学Mat-Su College "Mat-Su Carbon Crew",美国

队长:[font=&quot][font=&quot]David Johnson
顾问[font=&quot]: [font=&quot]Dr.Peter Praetorious
Mat-SuCarbon Crew成员致力于建立减少、再用、回收的意识。我们正在进一步了解可再生能源,新的食品生产方式,以及如何从可再生资源中生产新的产品。我们会鼓励和培育环保工作岗位以及可持续发展的环保社区。我们为我们的校园和学生感到骄傲。请点击以下链接,更深入了解我们:[font=&quot]http://www.matsu.alaska.edu/aboutMSC/
经由三国·智这个国际传播媒介,我们有许多与世界各地的团队、阿拉斯加州、本地的市镇官员、许多本地的非政府或非盈利组织、以及未来的学生们合作的极佳机会。我们已经同Mat-Su学院的教工建立了良好的关系。我们有高质量且还在不断增长的朋友网络,横跨多种公共部门和私人部门。我们与我们的好朋友,ValleyCommunity for Recycling Solutions的执行董事Mollie Boyer,一起高喊:“我们一起,扭转局面”。
非常感谢您花时间认真考虑。请继续支持我们,让我们一起憧憬一个更健康、更安全、更干净、更绿色的未来。您可以通过以下邮件联系我们:[font=&quot]matsucarboncrew@live.com[font=&quot]Team leaders: [font=&quot]DavidJohnson
[font=&quot]Team Advisor: [font=&quot]Dr.Peter Praetorious
[font=&quot]Earned Points in the Race:[font=&quot]370
[font=&quot]Report: [font=&quot]DearJudges, Please bring our message. Now, do you think we have had an impact onour campus and in our community in the last three months?
[font=&quot]Aglobal work party joined, bike racks installed, green pledges signed, movieswatched, hundreds of hands on volunteer hours logged, our campus lake, trailsystem, and a forgotten arboretum adopted. Our first renewable energy source isbeing installed, laminated water saving posters are being printed, recyclingprograms instituted, local foods in the cafeteria, energy saving bulbsthroughout campus installed, awareness and membership increased to fight an8,000 acre open-pit coal mine, a mere eight miles away.
[font=&quot]They’reexploration drilling now proposing to open in 2012. Our small group was formedfrom a service learning class project in 2010; we have now become an officialstudent club on the campus of the Matanuska-Susitna College of the Universityof Alaska Anchorage.
[font=&quot]Mat-SuCarbon Crew members endeavor to create awareness of reducing, reusing, andrecycling.
[font=&quot]Weare learning about renewable energy, ways to grow more food, and to develop newproducts
[font=&quot]fromrenewable and recovered resources. We will encourage and foster the creation ofgreen jobs
[font=&quot]andsustainable communities. We are proud of our campus and of our students, pleasefind out
[font=&quot]moreabout us here http://www.matsu.alaska.edu/aboutMSC/
[font=&quot]Throughthis international vehicle, the Great Power Race, we have been given theperfect
[font=&quot]opportunityto work with teams from all over the world, the State of Alaska, our localborough
[font=&quot]officials,many local NGO's and non-profits, as well as future students. We have created agreat
[font=&quot]workingrelationship with many of our faculty and staff at Matanuska-Susitna College.We now
[font=&quot]havea great and growing network of friends from a broad cross section of the publicand private
[font=&quot]sectors.We join our very good friend Mollie Boyer, Executive Director of ValleyCommunity
[font=&quot]forRecycling Solutions, in saying: “Together we’re turning it around”
[font=&quot]Whata great adventure this continues to be. Students are signing up for classes asa direct result
[font=&quot]ofour efforts. Businesses are contacting us to collaborate on new ideas.Investors are asking
[font=&quot]questionsand want to partner with us to develop innovative programs to put people backto work
[font=&quot]ingreen collar jobs. Community organizations have not only recognized our groupand our
[font=&quot]effortsbut have committed to helping us to build on what we have already achieved.Success!
[font=&quot]Thankyou for your time and careful consideration. Please continue to support us, andto give us
[font=&quot]hopefor a healthier, safer, cleaner, and greener future. You can reach us by emailat:

知了 2011-01-07 00:50
Together we’re turning it around~

circle20052 2011-01-07 04:36
佐梅 这是我看到的最最直白的总结 这个队伍的确不错吧 还有我想知道我想知道这个总结是谁翻译的,谁那里有英语原文,我想看看呢,这个总结真的太给力了。哈哈哈  顶一个 这个帖子火  火

circle20052 2011-01-07 04:38
佐梅 这个不会是你翻译的吧 还有 检查工作没得 我当了一天的版主  怎么样  评价一下

circle20052 2011-01-07 04:38

circle20052 2011-01-07 04:39

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刚刚写完一些作业 现在抽空上下论坛 马上继续通宵 继续通宵

circle20052 2011-01-07 04:40
阿拉斯加大学是什么  是什么奖呀??

片木 2011-01-07 09:37
引用第2楼circle20052于2011-01-07 04:36发表的  :佐梅 这是我看到的最最直白的总结 这个队伍的确不错吧 还有我想知道我想知道这个总结是谁翻译的,谁那里有英语原文,我想看看呢,这个总结真的太给力了。哈哈哈  顶一个 这个帖子火  火


千年之恋 2011-01-07 10:46
呵呵  不错哦

circle20052 2011-01-07 11:58
顶一个  威武

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